White Garden / Moon Garden

Noelle Akin

Petittis Garden Center

Come join Noelle Akin from Petitti Garden Centers to learn more about “Moon Gardens.”  E​xtend your enjoyment well into the evening when you plant fabulous flowering and foliage plants, ​to reflect the light, increase fragrance and enjoy by the light of the moon.

Monday, May 20, 2019 – 11:30am

Bay United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall

29931 Lake Road – between Bassett & Bayview


Luncheon Committee:

Ruth Maletz, coordinator

Bernie Enochian, Anne Litschko, Vivian Mautz, Holly McGowan, Karen Parker, Brenda Ziegler

Centerpiece: Joyce Cotton


Visitors are welcome. Please register using the form below or by calling Sharen at 440 871-9098. There is a $5 fee payable at the door.

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Meeting May 20 – White Garden / Moon Garden