The Japanese Maple Garden

Maryann Thesing

Garden PHD Design Company

A four season dream where the focus is on form, color and texture. The choices we make can change the way we experience our gardens in the future. Think dwarf!

Monday, February 25, 2019 – 11:30am lunch

Bay United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall

29931 Lake Road – between Bassett & Bayview

Luncheon Committee:

Nancie Rudge, coordinator

Elaine Hoke, Nancy McGrew, Elaine Meyer, Lois Murphy, Karla Mussulin, Jean Telzrow

Centerpiece – Joyce Cotton and Nancy Kitko

Visitors are welcome. Please register using the form below or by calling Sharen at 440 871-9098. There is a $5 fee payable at the door.

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Meeting February 25 – The Japanese Maple Garden