Here is the schedule for luncheon committees and centerpieces for the coming year!


Luncheon Committee Volunteers:

November 26

Jean Kern, Coordinator

Pat Butler

Julie Feagler

Judy Knutsen

Beth Stroh

Judy Wichman


January 28

Jessica Breslin, coordinator

Eileen Ernst

Judy Lain

Kieran Milhausen

Linda Mottaz

Nancy Weingart

Jean Wolpert


February 25

Nancie Rudge, coordinator

Elaine Hoke

Nancy McGrew

Elaine Meyer

Lois Murphy

Karla Mussulin

Jean Telzrow


March 25

Sue Roehl, coordinator

Rosie Daniels

Susie Edelman

Alison Grant

Nora Medve

Susan Pelka

Kitty Sommers-Talbott


April 29

Laura Noble, coordinator

Eileen Cernea

Bernie Enochian

Doris Gorgas

Carol Hoagland

Marilyn Lahnen

Pat Loffman

Glenda Schilizzi


May 20

Ruth Maletz, coordinator

Bernie Enochian

Anne Litschko

Vivian Mautz

Holly McGowan

Karen Parker

Brenda Ziegler


June 10

Nancy Trainer, coordinator

Bev Hine

Jeanie Juhas

Carol McDonald

Carol VanArsdale

Nan Wendrowski



September 24:  Eileen Ernst

October 22:  Casey Calvey and Nora Medve

January 28:  Doris Gorgas

February 25:  Joyce Cotton and Nancy Kitko

March 25:  _________________________

April 29:  Holly McGowan

May 20:  Joyce Cotton

Note:  You can make one large centerpiece for the serving table or eight small centerpieces for the dining tables.  Also, you can choose to take your centerpiece(s) back home for your personal use or get reimbursed for up to $20 of expenses and offer it as a door prize at the meeting.

If you didn’t have the chance to sign up at a meeting, you can  complete the form below:

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