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Questions about the Workshops Themselves

What are Christmas Greening Workshops?
These are hands-on workshops to help people “green up” their home by making holiday arrangements. The proceeds from this event are then used by the club for service projects during the year including Welcome Sign planters and flower beds throughout the city.

Is this the same as Greening of Bay?
Yes! We found that people who are not familiar with this event have often been confused – either thinking that the workshops are for making decorations to put up in the city of Bay Village, or that only residents of Bay can participate. So, we now use the more generic title especially when advertising in neighboring communities.

What are the workshops like?
Each workshop has about 30 participants working at large tables facing the instructor on a raised stage. She will explain and demonstrate each step in the process to make the arrangement. Meanwhile, other members of the Garden Club are available to make sure you have all the greens and supplies you need and to provide personal assistance.

What if I’m not “crafty”?
That’s the wonderful part about these workshops. You have all the materials and help you need to end up with a beautiful arrangement!
Here’s our favorite comment from a recent participant: “I loved the arrangement I made even though I have no talent in this area!”


Questions about Registration

Why does the registration form have space for three names?
Two or three friends often want to sign up for workshops together. You can use one form to register several people for the same workshops. If you and your friend(s) are signing up for different workshops, please use separate forms. (If more than three people, just add the other names at the bottom of the form.)

If registering for several people can we send separate checks?
Of course. You can either include checks from each person or have one person write the check for the group. Just make sure that the check(s) you send with your registration is(are) made payable to the Bay Village Garden Club.

What is a take-home kit?
A take-home kit is a bag with all the items needed to make an arrangement – base, oasis, greens, ribbons, accessories. You may want to register to make one arrangement for yourself at the workshop and take a kit home to make another as a gift for a friend or family member.

Can I order a take-home kit for a different arrangement than the workshop I attend?
You certainly can, but understand that we do not have detailed written instructions in the kits. If you made a similar arrangement in a previous year or are comfortable creating on your own, that should work fine.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?
Yes. Please provide an e-mail address, if possible, as that is the easiest way for us to notify you that you are confirmed for the workshop(s) you requested. Otherwise we will mail your confirmation. If several people register together on the same form we will send the confirmation to the primary person’s email or mailing address provided. SO PLEASE PRINT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS CLEARLY.

Make sure you keep the information on the date and time of the workshop(s) you have requested.  

When should I expect to receive confirmation?
If your registration form and payment are received by November 15th we will send your confirmation by the 20th.

Registrations received from Nov 16-25 will be confirmed by Nov 30th. Later registrations will be confirmed within two days from receipt. You are not guaranteed a spot in a workshop until you have received confirmation.

The deadline for receipt of registrations is Saturday, November 30th.  If it is close to the deadline you may want to deliver your registration rather than mail it.

What if the workshop I request is full?
We will contact you to see if you would like to switch to a different time (for a workshop that is being repeated) or to a different workshop. If you do not wish to switch to something else we will, of course, return your check.


Questions about Attending the Workshops

Where are the workshops held?
Bay United Methodist Church is located at 29931 Lake Road in Bay Village, between Bassett and Bayview Rd. You will enter the door from the parking lot on Bayview Rd. The workshops are held in the Fellowship Hall in the lower level of the church. There is an elevator available for easy access.

What do I need to bring with me?
We recommend that you bring clippers (to trim greens), scissors (in case you need to cut any ribbon or other accessories & packaging), and garden gloves to protect your hands while you’re working with the greens. You also may want to bring a box or bag to use to carry your finished arrangement to your car.

When should I arrive and what else happens at workshops?
We ask that you arrive fifteen minutes before the starting time. You can enjoy some refreshments (coffee, tea, water, cheese & crackers, fruit & veggies, cookies, holiday breads, etc.) and pick out your spot. In addition we will have a selection of decorative accessories and small arrangements for sale and there will be a raffle for a unique arrangement.

What if I register for a workshop and then am not able to attend?

You can choose from several options:
– If you can come to a different time or workshop, call the phone number on your confirmation and we’ll try to accommodate you.

– You can let a friend come in your place.

– Notify us as soon as possible.   If your workshop is full and we have someone on the waiting list we will be able to refund your money.

– You can arrange to pick up a kit for the arrangement and put it together at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions including Photos from Prior Greening Workshops