Elective Officers

Co-Presidents – Terry Appell and Judy Minium

Vice-President (Programs) – Eileen Ernst

Treasurer – Nancy McGrew

Recording Secretary – Elaine Hoke

Corresponding Secretary – Kari Eckel


Committee Chairs

Civic Beautification – Joyce Cotton and Nancy Kitko

Cleveland Botanical Garden – Christine Knott

Communications – Julie Feagler

Community Council – Bev Hine

Environmental Support – Jessica Breslin

Fundraising – Elaine Hoke

Meeting Luncheons – Jeanie Juhas

Meeting Luncheons Supplies – Jean Telzrow

Membership – Sharen Svec and Judy Knutsen

Outreach Projects – Susie Edelman

Publicity – Karla Mussulin and Kitty Sommers-Talbott